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Capital Gains Tax

At BESET CONSULT, we are more than just Chartered Tax Accountants. We are Advisors, Strategists and Financial Experts.

Tax Investigation in Ghana - Beset Consult

Capital Gains Tax Ghana

Beset Consult is Ghana’s leading capital gains tax specialists and consultants. Capital gains tax is payable on the profit made whilst selling an asset. There are a number of reliefs and exemptions available that are missed by ordinary accountants. Our tax specialists will ensure we claim all possible relief and avail all tax planning opportunities to ensure you pay the least amount of capital gains tax. Our capital gains tax consultants and specialists can advise on the following areas:

General Capital
Gains Tax Advice
Property Tax Advice
Trust Tax Advice
Investment Property Tax Advice
Offshore Properties Tax Advice
Shares and Investments Tax Advice
Company Capital Gains Tax Advice